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Gabrielle Johnson, CDBC

B.S. Psychology and Sociology






Gabrielle Johnson works with families worldwide whose dogs display aggressive or reactive behaviors, including growling, snapping, nipping, lunging, and biting, and families whose dogs live with dysregulated nervous systems (chronic stress, trauma, hyperarousal, anxiety disorders).

They specialize in family-directed aggression, intra-household pet aggression, stranger danger, dog-dog aggression, resource guarding, anxiety disorders, and trauma recovery.


They particularly enjoy working with human clients who are chronically or mentally ill, disabled, or neurodivergent. Services are available worldwide via virtual training options or locally in Richmond, VA.

Gabrielle is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Applied Behavior Consultants and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology. They participate regularly in continuing education opportunities, and regularly collaborate with other pet professionals.

You can learn more about Gabrielle's evidence based and trauma-informed approach to behavior modification and well-being on their social media including Tik Tok and Instagram

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